Welcome to the online home of Mike VanOuse: Factoryjack, Bible-thumper

  of Lafayette, Indiana - not the California Mike -- though he's OK.


  Mike VanOuse has worked in the same factory since 1990. He established vanouse.com with the idea that his family members would all enjoy having their own web page. It would have been their first name - dot - vanouse.com.

  Nobody was interested.

  Then social media came along, and now they all have their own facebook pages. Go figure.

  So he's decided to use this space (nobody uses the term "cyberspace" anymore) to shamelessly plug his independently published books, which are available on amazon.com.

  Born in 1963 at Home Hospital (RIP) in Lafayette, Indiana, as a teenager, Mike worked in the kitchen of the bar his Dad managed: DeVon Plaza. Then he flipped burgers at Star Lanes bowling alley. He majored in fine arts while attending Jefferson High School, graduating with a 1.75 GPA, enlisted in the Army Infantry, graduated jump school, became a machine-gunner in the 25th Infantry Division, and a Drill Sergeant in the 70th Inf Div USAR.

  He returned home to flip burgers again, swing a hammer, pour concrete and design T-shirt silk screen logos.

  He met Jesus at age 21 and began teaching the Bible at 28. He was a Sunday School teacher at Dayton United Methodist Church for 12 years.

  He got married at age 24, raised 3 boys to adulthood, and divorced at 48.

  He was a columnist for the Lafayette Journal and Courier newspaper and has had several columns published on AmericanThinker.com.

  His writings are commentaries on the Bible, seasoned by the toll the decades have taken.

  They make perfect Christmas gifts. They multi-task as excellent doorstops, paperweights and flyswatters. Collect the whole set. Just having a stack of books makes people think you're smart.



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Mike's animated a video clip that also produced the cover image for "God and You"