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God and You
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Number of Pages: 82
ISBN: 9781620306499
Publication Date: 04/08/2013

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God and You

Mike VanOuse


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"God and You"

A Primer

The Bible is not just a book about God, it's book about God and you. So "God and You" is a book about the Bible. If you, or someone you know is intimidated by the Bible; if you think you need a college education to understand it, or someone else to decipher it; then "God and You" is for you.

Or, if you've been reading the Bible for years and think you've looked at it from every angle - if the flavor has lost its savor, then "God and You" is for you.

If when you read the Bible, you feel like you can't relate to the characters, that you are separate from the story line; "God and You" is for you. You are one of the characters. The book is about you. It serves as a mirror to the soul, and with a little insight, you can begin to see your reflection in it.

It's an easy read, for about the price of a magazine. So you won't feel bad if you dog-ear the page corners, or highlight the portions that you want to return to, or make notes in the margin. It's intended to be read and used, not pampered and preserved. Buy Now style 1 button

About the Author

 Born in 1963, Mike VanOuse was raised agnostic, came to faith when he was 21, began attending church when he was 28.

A former grill cook, sign-painter, cartoonist, paratrooper/drill sergeant, carpenter, bartender and factory worker, Mike immersed himself in the Bible and began teaching it to adults and children alike in a rural Indiana church for over 12 years, with no formal indoctrination. A plain-spoken layman, he has a knack for taking seemingly complex biblical principles, applying them to everyday life and presenting them in an easy to understand way.



A bit of trivia: the cover art for the book is actually a screen-capture from an animated video created by the Author, many moons ago. You can watch it by clicking below.